Equality and Diversity – 1 day

order prednisone online Course Description:

This course forms part of the mandatory training requirements for all staff working within the health and social care field. Ensuring the principles of equality and anti-discriminatory practice are embedded within all care settings protecting not only people receiving care and support, but also ensure those working within the sector are protected against discriminatory practices.

http://rnrorganisation.co.uk/event/3rdsectordigicamp/feed/ Course Outline:

  • Understand the terms equality and diversity
  • Appreciate the impact of Equality and Diversity for your clients, volunteers, staff, external partners & the local community
  • Define the terms stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, victimisation and harassment and how these may be present within the care environment
  • Provides an overview of the Equality Act 2010 and protected characteristics identified within it
  • Responsibilities of both employers and employees in preventing discrimination, stereotyping or prejudice
  • Understand the importance of celebrating diversity and how this can be done within health and social care settings