Management of Medication – Safe Handling of Medication
Course duration: 6 hours

Course Description.

The Safe Handling of Medicines course is aimed at people working or wishing to work in a health and social care context and is ideal for those who wish to develop a basis of transferable knowledge and skills in the safe handling of medicines. The course is designed to ensure that candidates will gain an understanding of policies and procedures for the handling and storing of medicines and the correct method of record keeping.
It can also support the requirement to meet the content of the Skills for Care, Care Certificate

Course Outline

• Gain an overview of the direct and indirect legislation covering medication as well as national policy documents detailing good practice
• Identify employees and employers responsibilities
• The main routes medication can be administered & appreciate the responsibilities associated with it
• Understand the difference between administering medicines, making available and prompting
• The 5 Rights of medication administration
• Understand medication record keeping including the use of Medication Administration Records
• Understand protocols for “as and when required” medicines
• Labelling of medicines
• Understand the requirements of medication receipt, storage and disposal
• Understand common medication groups
• Correct equipment for administering medicines
• Identify the differences between side effects, adverse reactions, contra indications and the need to monitor the effects of medicines
• Dealing with medication errors, refusal and emergencies

Course Maximum is 12.

Assessment of competency will be through activities and multiple choice question paper