We love that our customers take the time to tell what we did well because it helps us make sure we are striving for delivery excellence. Here are just a few of their testimonials


Informative, and taught in a way that was relaxing and fun. I worried about giving First Aid, but feel more confident (staff member, Jan, 2018)

Delivered in a way that put me at ease. Sarah understand how to get people excited about training (staff, Jan 2018)

First Aid presented in a way that interests but fully appreciates the value in this skill – fantastic (staff, Jan 2018)

The Defibrillator was something I was fearful of, now I would be able to use it, and use it correctly (staff, Jan 2018)


Fun, entertaining, helps us feel at ease     ( care staff worker, ExtraCare Charitable Trust , 2017)

Sarah delivers excellent training in away that we all participate and she makes it fun! its obvious she knows her stuff when you speak to her and  totally understands where we are coming from in our work environment (Village Manager, ExtraCare Charitable Trust, 2017)

she was incredibly engaging on the food hygiene course I did and extremely competent and a joy to be on the course (volunteer café worker, ExtraCare Charitable Trust, 2016)

Sarah facilitated 2 training courses at very short notice to ensure that our night staff remained in date for their fire training. She always makes the training she delivers enjoyable. She is passionate about it and it shows in her training sessions (Scheme manager, ExtraCare Charitable Trust, 2017)

She imparts information in a way that everyone can digest (Care staff, Retirement Security Plus, 2017)

Sarah is extremely knowledgeable about the subjects she teaches, mixing this with humour, makes for enjoyable training sessions for all ( Well being Nurse, ExtraCare Charitable Trust, June 2017)

Sarah is perfect for her role. She delivers the training in a really enjoyable  & easy way. I feel I learnt a lot from training she has delivered ( Administrator, ExtraCare Charitable Trust, July 2017)

Brilliant trainer, loads of compliments from the staff & residents ( Team Leader, 2017)

Sarah is a brilliant trainer, her vibrant personality is infectious .Sarah makes training a joy ( Locksmith, 2017)

Courses are delivered in a format which are fully inclusive and fun. Our staff actually look forward to their annual training. Sarah is also very sensitive towards individuals and will often arrange things to support staff on an individual basis if required ( Village Manager,2017)

Over all the training I have ever completed with this company or before, Sarah just shines. So enjoyable, engaging,  informative and Sarah has just a great personality. Simply the best. (Village Manager, 2016)

Great Trainer always willing to support and very knowledgeable ( Maintenance Operator, 2017)

Very organised, efficient, excellent trainer, excellent personality very supportive, ( Personal officer, 2016)

Training sessions get over what is needed but can be highly entertaining at the same time as some courses can loose people attention quickly!

I loved my health and safety session. it was interesting, fun and I learnt loads – plus I didn’t fall asleep (housekeeping Assistant, Retirement Security Plus, 2017)

I didn’t realise how much information there was about Safeguarding and now I feel more confident in reporting my concerns – thank you

Once again many thanks for tutoring this first aid course. Adding value to the meat of the subject was , of course, your encouragement interspersed with a little bit of humour. It all helped us take interest and assist our understanding.(Sea Cadets leader, 2017)

Good course, well run, enjoyed it much more than some previous first aid courses (Scout Leader 2017)

I have to say having done many first aid courses over the years, this is probably the only one I have enjoyed. Your simple approach and talent of being able to put over the content in a really understandable manner was great. (District Chair, 2017)