End of Life – 3 hours

Who should attend this course?

With an increasing number of people living longer and wishing to die in their own home,  nursing home or residential home, staff are under increasing pressure to understand how best to support people with dignity during their end of life. This is an essential tool for all staff who support individuals with palliative and end of life care. Whilst is it directed at Health and social care staff, we invite anyone to join the course.

Learning Aims:

It explores the essential principles of end of life care and is mapped over to the “common core principles” for end of life care as described by skills for care.

Learning Outcome:

• Understand the importance of person centred working in end of life care
• The importance of communication taking account of spiritual and cultural needs
• Working in partnership to ensure good end of life care
• Understanding the information and support needs of others
• looking at practical tools to enable a ‘positive’ end of life