Food Safety Level 2 – 4 1/2 hours

Who can attend this course?

This Level 2 course is ideal for those who have any involvement in preparing or serving food and drink. To guarantee full participant it has been designed to be interactive, fun using a range of activities, games, quizzes and videos to ensure learners understand the importance of food safety. Volunteers working in coffee shops, staff preparing food in the community and those working in kitchens in nursing or residential homes are just some of the examples of people attending this course

Learning Aim:

To introduce people to the principles of food safety or to refresh those who have previously attended the courses

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provides participants with a knowledge of legislation relating to the food and catering industry
  • Individuals roles and responsibilities towards food safety
  • The role of the Environmental Health Practitioner
  • HACCP awareness (Hazard, Awareness, Critical, Control, Point)
  • Types of Contamination
  • Storage and cooking temperatures
  • Understanding Use by and best before dates
  • Responsibilities around Allergens – food labelling
  • Stock rotation
  • Chilled and frozen storage requirements
  • Hygiene, including effective hand washing techniques
  • Pest control

This course has an end of session assessment which requires a 70% pass rate. Participants will also receive a Level 2 Food Safety book upon successful completion