Autism Awareness – 3 hours or 6 hours

Course Description
Today we recognise that Autism is a spectrum disorder and yet we still have more to do in ensuring individuals with autism receive the support they need, this autism awareness course is suitable for all staff starting work in health and social care who work with or support individuals with autism, or those who have practical experience but need to understand better the theory of why they work in the way they do. This awareness course is mapped to the Autism skills and knowledge list which is part of the “Better social care and health outcomes for people with Autism” and is considered the essential standards of knowledge required by people who come into contact with individuals, with autism on a day to day basis.

Course Outline
• Understand what Autism is & the term ‘autistic spectrum’
• Explain the term ‘Triad of impairments’ and how it impacts on a person’s daily life
• Sensory impairments associated with Autism
• Participants will have a range of tools to use to support people with Autism in a more person centred way